In consideration of my membership and of aircraft made available to me by FlyBayArea ("FBA") under this lease, I agree that on each and all
subsequent flight in FBA aircraft, I shall:

1. Observe and comply with all federal, state, and local air regulations and manufacturer’s operational procedures.

2. Inspect and make a ground check of the aircraft, its equipment, and accessories before takeoff and not accept such aircraft until I am
satisfied it is airworthy and all equipment and accessories are operating properly for the flight to be undertaken.

3. Allow no one else to fly the airplane.

4. Land only at public airports published in the FAA Airport/Facility Directory, except as a precautionary or emergency measure when
reasonably necessary.

5. Return the aircraft to FBA’s place of business at the agreed time, weather permitting, in the same condition I received it, normal wear and tear excepted.

6. Report all accidents to such aircraft, whether major or minor, to FBA at once, together with the names and addresses of witnesses and all involved parties; in the event of an accident involving it, not to move the aircraft unless expressly authorized to do so by FBA.

7. Indemnify and hold FBA harmless from any and all loss, damages, and attorney’s fees resulting from operating FBA aircraft in my
possession and control.

8. Pay all bills based upon established and adjusted FBA rates upon the conclusion of a flight/operation or ground training. A minimum
$500.00 credit on account is required at all times to maintain rental privileges. If actively training for a Pilot Certificate or Rating I
authorize FBA to automatically charge my credit card on file in $2000.00 increments any time my account balance falls below $500.00.
I understand these charges are non-refundable.  Additionally I authorize my monthly membership payment to be automatically charged to my credit card on file on the first day I join and thereafter on the first day of the month until I request to cancel in writing with a 30 days advanced notice.

9. Have read, will comply with, and will be bound by FBA member regulations and their amendments, and the terms of this lease until my
membership with FBA terminates.

10. Notify FBA in writing upon wishing to terminate my membership. I understand that my bill must be paid in full prior to terminating my
membership and that FBA dues and late charges continue to accrue until my bill is paid.

11. Grant of flying status is contingent on providing all required pilot and citizenship documents, and completing TSA approval, if required.

12. I agree to pay the deductible part of the insurance coverage on any aircraft dispatched to me operated by FBA in the case of an incident or accident, whether in the air or on the ground ($5,000 moving or non-moving).