Members Only in Fly Bay Area (FBA) Aircraft

  • Only FBA members may operate our aircraft, except for demo flights or tours with an FBA instructor or approved commercial pilot.
  • Only FBA CFIs may give flight instruction in our aircraft.


  • Overnight flights require prior FBA approval and may be subject to a minimum aircraft rental charge.
  • Aircraft not checked-out within 30 minutes of the start of the reservation time may be released to other members.
  • Members are asked to cancel reservations with at least 24 hours advance notice for the benefit of other members.


  • Members must maintain a $500.00 credit on account at all times to maintain rental privileges.
  • Members actively training for a certificate or rating authorize FBA to charge their credit card on file in $2000.00 block payments whenever their credit balance on account falls below $500.00.  All payments are final and non-refundable.
  • Flight and Ground Instruction is billed to the nearest ½ hour.
  • Aircraft use is charged to the nearest tenth of an hour (0.1) based on the aircraft Hobbs meter if operational or 1.2 times the Tach time if the Hobbs meter is inoperative.
  • Same day cancellations or no shows will be charged for 1 hour of airplane use and 1 hour of flight instruction at the current published rates.
  • Monthly membership dues are charged on the first of the month.  
  • A 30-day written notification is required to cancel all memberships.


  • New FBA members must obtain a New Member Checkout by an FBA CFI, and must demonstrate an understanding of FB policies and procedures, San Carlos noise abatement procedures, and the SF Bay Area airspace and operating environment.
  • All members must obtain an Aircraft Checkout by demonstrating the knowledge and ability to operate the specific make/model of aircraft safely to the satisfaction of any FBA CFI. The Aircraft Checkout will include a review of the aircraft systems, ground handling, and flight maneuvers for which the aircraft and pilot are certificated.
  • Mountain Checkouts are required before operating at any airport with an elevation of 3,000 feet MSL or greater, or over mountainous terrain of 8,000 feet MSL.
  • A G1000 Checkout and at least 5 logged hours of dual instruction in a G1000 aircraft are required before operating a FBA aircraft equipped with G1000 avionics.

Recent Flight Experience

  • FBA members must stay current by flying a FBA aircraft at least once every 90 days, unless otherwise approved by FBA.
  • Students flying solo must have flown with a FBA CFI within the past 14 days.
  • Members are also strongly encouraged to do training with a FBA CFI at least once every 6 months, either working on improving competency at the level of their existing certificate and ratings, or to add additional competency in new aircraft, or to obtain additional certificates and ratings.

Member Liability

  • The member that schedules and rents the aircraft is responsible for any damage to the aircraft that occurs during the flight.
  • Any un-squawked damage found prior to the next flight will be assumed to have occurred on the prior flight, and the prior renting member will be responsible for the costs.
  • Check Hobbs times prior to flight. If there’s a discrepancy, inform FBA staff or a FBA CFI.
  • Members must contact FBA as soon as practical following any incidents or accidents.


  • FBA insurance provides $1,000,000 liability combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage for each occurrence with sub-limit of $100,000 per person.
  • Pilot deductible is $5000.00
  • All members are encouraged to obtain Aircraft Renter’s Insurance at a level sufficient to cover the deductible. A good policy should cover you anywhere you fly and not be tied to a specific club. Ask at the front desk for FBA’s recommended policy for
  • Aircraft Renter’s Insurance.

Aircraft Care and Maintenance

  • Members must return the aircraft in as good or better condition than when they found it, including secured properly, control lock and pilot cover in place, and aircraft clean of trash or debris.
  • Oil should only be added in full quarts. Note any oil added on the flight dispatch sheet.
  • Members are advised to use caution when flying with pets aboard FBA aircraft, as scratches and tears in the aircraft interior are expensive to repair and will be charged to the member. Aircraft cleaning associated with pets is likewise costly. Please exercise good decision making when choosing to bring your pet along.
  • If maintenance is required on an FBA aircraft while on a flight away from San Carlos, members should receive authorization from FBA prior to any work being performed.


  • Members must report any item of airworthiness or aircraft condition to FBA as soon as possible. The more information provided, the sooner the shortcoming can be addressed and the aircraft returned to service.
  • To protect themselves, all FBA members are strongly encouraged to do full preflight and post-flight inspections, and let FB know of any found damage prior to flight.

Safe Operation

  • Use caution when starting or operating near people or other aircraft. Prop wash damage is the responsibility of the pilot.
  • Taxi slowly, especially in the parking area and around hangars.
  • Practice safe and courteous flying consistent with all airport, state, and federal aviation regulations.
  • Shut down on the taxiway centerline and use tow bar to push the plane back into the parking area.

Prohibited Operations
The following are prohibited in FBA aircraft:

  • Student solo touch-and-go’s
  • Intentional spins without an FBA CFI
  • Operation on unpaved runways without prior FBA approval
  • Aerobatic flight without prior FBA approval
  • Hand propping an aircraft
  • Commercial use of aircraft, except by FBA authorized pilots
  • Smoking in or anywhere near FBA aircraft



  • Safety is our first priority, and members found to be unable or unwilling to meet our safety standards may be terminated at any time.
  • If a member wishes to cancel their membership they must provide 30 days written notice.