I purchased an Air Tour.  How do I schedule the flight?  

To schedule the flight simply select the flight option you want, select the date and time, and fill out the required forms to make a new reservation.  

ATTN: If you have purchased a Groupon or Living Social voucher or other pre-paid voucher, please email us a copy of the voucher to customerservice@flybayarea.com.  Once we validate your voucher and enter it into our reservation system you should be able to make a booking on our website.

How do I make changes to an existing reservation? 

Simple! Go to your email confirmation and click on the link to review or change your reservation.  You should be able to select a new date. If that doesn't work, just give us a call or email to change or upgrade your reservation.

I tried to change my reservation but it doesn’t allow me to.  What do I do? 

Reservation must be changed or canceled at least 24 hours in advance.  Please see our terms and conditions page.  Please contact customerservice@flybayarea.com for assistance.

Can I upgrade my Air Tour or bring another passenger?

Absolutely!  Assuming weather conditions are good you can upgrade your Air Tour on the day of your flight.  However we do prefer that you contact us ahead of time so that we can ensure that we will have sufficient time on the schedule to accommodate a longer flight.  If there is availability, and we meet the maximum 500lbs weight limit for the four-seater aircraft, you can also add another passenger on the date of the flight.  An extra charge will apply for a same day upgrade. 

Can children go on an Air Tour? 

Yes, the minimum age is 8 years or older and anyone less than 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

I sometimes get car-sick or are susceptible to motion sickness; can I still go on an Air Tour? 

If you know you get motion sickness easily, you may want to reconsider going on a Air Tour.  At times we may encounter some minor turbulence that may make you more susceptible to getting sick.  Although we don’t endorse it, you may want to consider taking an over the counter medication to help you if you know you’re more likely to get sick.

I’m pregnant, can I go on a Air Tour?

We don’t recommend it for women who are more than 7.5 months pregnant, but we don’t have any restrictions.

What kind of aircraft do you fly? 

Our tours are offered in single-engine general aviation aircraft usually seating up to 3 passengers excluding your tour pilot.  All of our tours are private, and we will never put you in the airplane with another passenger that you don't know.  

What will I need to bring with me on the day of the flight?  Will it be cold up there?

Wear comfortable clothes, preferably in layers.  It does tend to get warm in the airplane.  You may want to bring sunglasses and a camera.

The weather is not looking great, are we still going to fly?

FlyBayArea will determine suitability of weather for the flight.  Due to the variability of the weather in the areas that we fly in, some areas may experience better or worse conditions.  If at least 75% of the route is clear the flight is on.  We may need to adjust our routing to accommodate for weather conditions.  If the weather is not good enough to fly that day, we will reschedule your flight to a later date. 

My flight voucher is about to expire, can I still use it after expiration?

Yes, you will be able to use the value of your voucher as a credit towards another Air Tour with us, and just pay the difference.

How do I get a refund?

Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for details. 

I have a question, how do I contact someone?

You can email us at customerservice@flybayarea.com with your specific question.  Please provide your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you and someone will call you back as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours.