Starting at $499.00


Share the experience of a lifetime with a friend or loved one as each of you take turns behind the controls! The flight will start out with one of you at the controls and the other person riding in the back seat taking in the views! After your U-Fly SkyTour is complete we will land back at the San Carlos Airport, swap seats and let the other brave soul have their turn behind the wheel! Choose from our four different Air Tour options and don't forget to get an In-Flight Digital Photo ($29.00) or the entire album ($49.00) for your flight! 

  • Two people fly the airplane

  • 250 lbs max per person, 500 lbs combined for passengers (excluding tour pilot)

  • Allow 2 hrs for this tour

  • Flight time is an estimate of that required to fly the desired route and may vary depending on weather conditions and air traffic control requirements, and includes engine start, taxi, run-up, takeoff, and landing.

  • When upgrading to a longer tour, please note only one (1) of the flights is extended, second flight is a U-Fly Peninsula for 20 minutes.

  • $19.95 booking fee not included

  • Trip cancellation insurance available for $89.00 (allows you to cancel the tour at any time for a full refund minus booking fees)