Peninsula SkyTour

from $79.00/ person


We'll take off from San Carlos Airport and enjoy the breathtaking views of the San Francisco Peninsula from the air.  You will enjoy a stunning view of the rolling hills surrounding the bay, with it's muli-colored salt ponds and marshes which look almost extraterrestrial from a small airplane!  We will take in some of the famous sights of the Peninsula, including Crystal Springs reservoir and the San Andreas Fault line, Stanford University, Silicon Valley, and Moffett Airfields' famous Hangar 1.  Experience the "Valley" like you have never before. This flight lasts approximately 20 minutes and is an introduction to SkyTouring.  Plan to spend 45 minutes at the airfield. Don't forget to get an In-Flight Digital Photo ($29.00) or the entire album ($49.00) for your Peninsula SkyTour.

  • Approximately 20 minutes flying, allow 45 min for this tour

  • Flight time is an estimate of that required to fly the desired route and may vary depending on weather conditions and air traffic control requirements, and includes engine start, taxi, run-up, takeoff, and landing.

  • 2 passenger minimum

  • 250 lbs max per person, 500 lbs combined for passengers (excluding tour pilot)

  • $19.95 Booking Fee per person not included

  • Trip cancellation insurance available for $89.00 (allows you to cancel the tour at any time for a full refund minus booking fees)