Overall the Introductory Flight experience was phenomenal! Gabe was very thorough with explaining the functions of the plane. As well as very enthusiastic, and it shows he has passion for flying. It was especially nice how he pointed and showed areas of the bay area. I would most definitely recommend this to all friends and family for a great experience and a hospitable flight instructor.”
— Christine C.
Gabe is a great instructor and a perfect match for me. He is relaxed and low key so I have never felt pressured or nervous, even in the beginning. He will get you flying immediately from day one and will be hands off as soon as you demonstrate your proficiency, which will be sooner than you realize. Gabe will keep you informed about where you are in the process and what needs to be accomplished next so you always have a goal to work on during your training. With Gabe, you will be in good hands. Happy flying!”
— Craig F.
The freedom you experience when you grab the controls for the first time is life altering. The fastest you’ve ever travelled in a car suddenly feels slow, the distances you’ve driven seem small, and your perspective of the world literally zooms out a good ten notches. Gabe should come standard with every plane. He’s right there with you, making it safe & easy to become a top-notch pilot.”
— Cole R.